Mr and Mr Fabulous -Newlyweds Garth and Dan

All you need is love…

In the eleventh hour… Dolce Wedding Photography was handed the power…..

I’m still not at that stage in my life where I’m ready to share everything I have with another human being, but I’ve been in the game for some time now and I’m not at all shy in saying I have a pretty good handle on how this “I do” gig goes down

The wedding planning flow charts start accumulating and are neatly placed inside your newly purchased “wedding planning diary “, you’ve now become a serial pinner on Pinterest, and Etsy, Aliexpress have climbed the ladder in your most used media platforms and now dominate 99% of your life. The countdown clock is a minute by minute reminder of how long you have till your Big Day as you dive headfirst into the wicked and wonderful world of wedding vendor wars.

Typically the email enquiries start no less than 12 months before there yet to be confirmed wedding date. From there the coffee shop meeting and follow-up emails are followed by more follow-up emails and a final contract is signed and deposit paid all with a casual 12 months to spare. In this twelve months I get to know my clients, to understand the dynamics of the family, the token invites they sent in hope of a “return to sender”, the ever-changing guest list, the dominating mother in law, and that gypsophila will blow the wedding budget, by the time the day arrives I actually feel like part of the family. This is a crucial part and what I find the most helpful in capturing those special moments to all of my clients…

There is always an exception….Meet Garth and Dan, 2 guys  looking for a photographer 4 weeks out from their big day. I was rather humbled when emailed a month out for the first initial enquiry…..on receiving the email I promptly penned a response confirming my availability in documenting their day… Fast forward another week I finally receive their reply email…. not a confirmation BUT more of a YOU’VE MADE TOP FIVE.  From that moment I knew my reply would in fact be the make or break of this booking so a considerable amount of time was spent in the writing of what I believe awarded me the “booking accomplishment” of the season.

Better late than never they say, with just weeks until their big day I was booked! Flying from across the ditch I finally met these striking young gents 2 days before the wedding and quite frankly they had me at “Hello”.

Dan a pocket full of dynamite and Garth the one with the matches if you ever need a reason to believe “all you need is love” these two were it! From the get go, the limo ride, the ceremony, the untangling of helium balloons right through to the first dance my cheeks were begging a reprieve…Trent’s Vineyard again presented us backdrops to die for and we made complete use of their unique elements.

I would like to thank Garth and Dan for the opportunity to being a part of such a special day… And Australia for being behind the times in only this week saying “yes” to same sex marriages, if it wasn’t for this overdue decision I may have not had the opportunity to capture such a wonderful day!,

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Off Season? What off Season…Dolce Wedding Photography ChCh

The few short weeks inbetween seasons….

Its easier to say sorry than to ask for permission… Quite frankly the greatest “get out of jail free card” known to man.

For the last couple of weeks I have spent a large percentage of time “poking the bear” – Testing not only boundaries, and my ability as a photographer, but also delivering to the industries finest the opportunity to question my sanity but also engage in collaborating on an idea which is “something a little different “……. Unbelievably enough they did just that.

With my posse of “Doers” we pushed play on the idea, from the below zero safety tours and the signing of waivers, the convoy of lace and a tonne load of favours we broke all the rules, threw tradition to the wind, which landed us the cover page of “With this Ring”
– Mark Sinclair now has a (knight hood) for his efforts..the Full issue can be found at..

I am truly so humbled to have had the help and support from Lisa Dermott (Brides of Merivale), Tania Johnson Scott Tania Johnson Scott Celebrant) , Lucy Hudson (Christchurch Weddings), Yazu Hair and the unwavering commitment of Catherine Francis whose incredible poise and determination amidst a human jig was truly inspiring….We know this new concept may not be for everyone so If you after a “classic” “timeless” style of shooting….A beautiful bride in a gown thats divine – you will find over on page number 9 of the latest issue.

Last but not least… I’ve heard it before….. I know I have an incredible camera! yet without one other major part of the plan, my incredibly talented right hand man this would have been impossible. The concept, design, production and finishing is a result from Rob Jacobs the talent behind At a shy 30 hours from start to finish this is a testament to his creativity and support for not only myself but also proving he is probably just as unique and as special as me.

Below the process of making this bride fly..

Sophie McMillan



Dolce Wedding Photography ChCh

Wedding Photography Christchurch



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The Show Must Go On -Dolce Wedding Photography

With This Ring Bridal Show – The Eleventh Hour Panic

Dolce Wedding Photography participating in four of these affairs you’d think we’d have it down to a fine art but the sad thing being – we simply don’t. This time round we were incredibly lucky to still be on the Christmas Card list with Brides of Merivale and we accepted their generous invitation on joining their turf at With This Ring Bridal Show.

Set up day was a buzz of wedding vendors all sporting a shade of high vis.  Tables and Tulle, Candles and Cake it was truly a real life pinterest, the venues and celebrants, the jewelers and florists there was no doubt everyone carrying a loot bag would walk away more confused than they were entering.

Lisa (Brides of Merivale) was already having intimate moments with her entourage  of mannequins, so without further a do I thought I’d better start on a bit of feng shui wall decorating…. Fast forward two hours and we’ve hit a road block – my  OCD hitting overload we found ourselves a rug short of a trade show and I was left with no option but to once again perform what I do best… An eleventh hour nationwide search of a much needed “Black Shag”

Covering some distance from suburb to suburb I was left with no other choice but to settle for a look alike to complete the stand collaboration!

Next morning 9.15am I enter the venue, dragging my beloved black shag like a winners trophy hoping for the thumbs up from Dermott. With minutes to spare we position the rug, straighten the smile and take a deep breath for the omnibus “I’m getting Married” for the next 5 hours.

With over 2000 through the door throughout the day we couldn’t help but feel nothing short of a hot mess. Bride after bride we shared our secrets in planning the perfect wedding….The perfect time to choose your dress to the worst time to choose your photographer the day was a great success, collaborating with “Brides of Merivale” was truly a privilege and an experience we hope to repeat. With this Ring Bridal Show was a 5*event and we couldn’t have asked for anything more.

The fact we managed to take out “The Best Stand” resulted in round of high fives with everyone involved in making this display what it was and for me the fuel to the fire in producing another unique, “out the box” image for next editions full page ad!

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Newlyweds Sam and Simon – Dolce Wedding Photography Christchurch

Meet the Marshalls and a Pug called Bug –


When tapping in those three words “Wedding Photography Christchurch” or “Christchurch Wedding Photography” as a business you would hope to be making an appearance quite early in the piece…See in my line of work especially in Christchurch its a full-time 6 month gig which lies almost dormant over the winter seasons. If your anything like me scrolling anything past those first 2 pages and I’ve done my dash, believing word of mouth is and always will be the most powerful form of advertising and most successful in making those bookings.

Meet Sam and Simon, a unique and candid couple who ironically did just that!

When their special day came around immediately on arrival I was delighted when greeted by what only can be described as a vivacious entourage compromising of “Major League Swag” meets “Alabama Mudflap” – these lads were a truly colorful mix of individuals, add to the party an extra six Sam and her “pretty as a picture” gal pal posse proved her tribe selection was rolling a strong game of “No Direction Required” when it came to nailing those “good sides” and last but not least the smallest member of the bridal team a pug called bug who was primary videographer with his own go pro in tow. 

I already knew most of these ladies from prior engagements and nuptials within their circle so I knew it was going to be a card full of solid winners once I signed off for the night. Moving forward The ceremony was held at the Christchurch venue Valley of Peace and gave us a beautiful  choice in backdrops for this ceremonial occasion even offering an old shed which to be fair fulfilled all of my expectations in wanting to create unique memories that would complement them as a couple and show off their fun and candid relationship they have with one another.

Throughout the day both teams delivered an outstanding array or teamwork resulting in a non stop, add free, “money can’t buy” omnibus of comedy/drama/ and reality TV that proves once again why I love being a wedding photographer. 

We would like to say a HUGE Thank You to Simon and Sam for not only letting us capture your special day but also in supplying outstanding first class entertainment from the get go.

Sophie McMillanDolce Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Christchurch









Wedding Images that push the boundaries…Dolce has it covered!

Win at With this Ring Bridal Show

Wedding Photography is definitely something we’d be taking very seriously if we were to ever dive into the world of Martial Bliss…. You see the truth is with a  large percentile of weddings you will find the suits are returned, the wooden rounds, table runners, photo booth props, wishing wells and  mason jars are quickly  auctioned off to the next over zealous brain hunting bride, the cake gets eaten, the flowers wilt in water, and the dress is hung in the unlikely case it will some day don your daughter…. unfortunately photos are one of the very few things apart from your new hubby you have that is a physical reminder of your special day….

So many moments captured that you will treasure for years to come, a reminder of the small things you overlooked or can’t quite remember, the family shots you may never get again, and of course that magical kiss that sealed your love….

Wedding Photography is an expense that everyone will mull over differently, and some time skimping on this part can cause regret after the fact. With so many wedding photographers to choose from its a strategical flow chart “process of elimination” however on this occasion weve decided to celebrate our ambitious front cover of “With this Ring Bridal Magazine” and we want you to join us by giving away a Standard Wedding Photography Package walued at $2000!

Your chance to win your Wedding Photography with Dolce Wedding Photography. Come and have a chat to us as you enter the show, collaborating with  Brides of Merivale we chose some of their beautiful gowns to photograph which you will also find on display. One lucky winner will be drawn on stage after the bridal show come and have a chat to Sophie and fill in an entry to be in the draw… For extra entries simply share this post on facebook, like our page, and provide us by PM your name, email and wedding date and we will add another entry card to the draw!

Air Force Museum of New Zealand

45 Harvard Avenue, Wigram, Christchurch, New Zealand 8140

Sunday, August 27 at 10 AM – 3 PM



They go together like “Copy and Paste” Newlyweds Brigette and Corbin-

Another one close to my heart- Dolce Wedding Photography

One of the best parts of being a professional wedding photographer and the owner of Dolce Wedding Photography  is watching people in love and Brigette and Corbin are the perfect example  🙂  On this occasion there was also a huge part of me that could relate to the position the beautiful bride was in, her dad had become sick and they had to bring the wedding forward…we picked up on the urgency and were there to make it happen!

On arrival we were greeted with a brunette, a blonde and a red in an intimate tango with white and blue which turned out to be a photographers dream!  Corbin and the lads rocked the 50 shades of grey card which in turn as a group shot gave us the strongest colour palette to date.

While Craig and his Kombi peddled the bride and her tribe to her husband to be an intimate group of friends and family gathered at The Corporate Club  donned in winter woolies and mittens for this late June affair yet jack frost didn’t phase this spontaneous wedding party from getting those unique shots we love so much…

We had an absolute ball working with this bunch of individuals staying till the “Daddy Daughter” dance until we said our goodbyes… Here is just a glimpse of this beautiful couple and we look very forward to doing it all again wither her Gal Pal, BFF, Alicia for her shindig in 2019!

Christchurch Wedding Photography- Sophie McMillanDolce Wedding Photography










Don’t sweat the small stuff ! Newlyweds Grant and Kiri

Will it matter a year from now…. ???

So many people I find nowadays get caught up with worrying about the small things in life yet in the big scheme of things mean absolutely nothing. Last year I lost my best friend, my hero, my king, my father to pancreatic and liver cancer and it was because of that I wanted to help an incredible couple full fill their dream…. Dolce Wedding Photography covered the wedding and since meeting with Kiri, Grant and their loving family it has been an amazing journey and I have created an incredible friendship I’ll treasure forever ! Here is their story…..

Kiri Reynolds lost her home in the Christchurch earthquake. Then life got worse.

Moving to Kaikoura for a fresh start, Reynolds and her family bought a small transport business in 2012. Their new home was damaged in the November earthquake and after returning to Christchurch, they soon had to move yet again, when the owner’s son wanted somewhere to live.

Then she was diagnosed with stage four bowel and liver cancer, in March.

So the people of Christchurch gave her a modern day miracle, helping put on a dream wedding.

Reynolds, 49, married Grant Collins with her three children by her side this month. The community raised over $25,000 for the ceremony, which was planned in a lightning-fast eight weeks.

Collins green-lighted a friend’s Facebook post asking for help to organise the big day, which was still a secret to his terminally ill soon-to-be wife.

Her tumours, which she was receiving aggressive chemotherapy for, had gone untreated for nearly 10 years. They were not discovered until she was admitted to hospital with pains in her side.

Unfortunately it was “just a case of bad luck”, she said. The diagnosis came after seven already devastating years for the family.

The couple’s home was red-zoned and “written off” in the Christchurch earthquakes, which sparked a lengthy battle with their insurers. Their young son Kiarn developed asthma because of the residual dust, then Reynolds’ elderly parents died in quick succession.

Collins moved to Brisbane, landed several job offers, and was in the process of setting up a new home for the family to join him in. A call from Reynolds with the news of the cancer put him straight on a flight home.

Close friend Tracey Gaskell said she was desperate to help, and posted in the Christchurch Brides and Grooms Facebook page asking for help make Reynolds “wishes come true”. She was “swamped” with offers of support. Over 50 commenters offered to provide a venue and decor, a cake and to officiate the “elegant and classy” wedding.

“Everyone started saying, we’ll donate that, we’ll give that and it went from there really. So then I went round there and said, would you get married if we could do your wedding for nothing, and they said yes yes yes,” Gaskell said.

Reynolds said without the community support, the Rangiora wedding “just would not have happened”.

“When I found out, we thought about having a bit of a backyard barbecue thing because we’ve always talked about getting married, but even that would have been expensive and even if we had that kind of money, I wouldn’t spend it on that. I want to do things with the kids, maybe take them on holiday and just spend time with them.”

The community response had been “incredible”, Collins said. “It really shows there are good people out there, and they were willing to do anything for us, it was pretty overwhleming.”

When the idea was first thrown around “we thought it would just be nice tables with a tablecloth”, she said. “But they had beautiful big flowers, a runner and bows on the chairs. All the details were there, no one treated us as second rate,” Reynolds said.

The bridal party, including the couple’s children Kiarn​, 10, Artisa​, 8, and Reynolds’ daughter Savannah, 20, were gifted outfits for the day and the dress was lent to her by a local bridal shop.

Reynolds said she hoped sharing her case would highlight bowel cancer as the “silent killer”. She said there was a lack of publicly-funded testing for the disease in a country with one of the highest incidences of bowel cancer in the world. More than 3000 people are diagnosed, and 1200 die from the disease each year.

It was shocking how she had gone from perfectly healthy to nearly bed-ridden in mere weeks, Reynolds said.

Givealittle page has been set up to support the family. The Daily Mail article can be viewed here

Last days for your 10% off + a FREE Engagement Shoot offer.

Last days to redeem your special offer…

A huge Thank You to everyone that entered our Standard Wedding Package Give Away… It was amazing the success the show has had for the up coming season and we are so happy to announce the lucky winner of the Standard Wedding Package is… Alice Tomlinson of Christchurch.

As a promotion following the show we are offering a 10% discount to all who entered our competition at The Great NZ Bridal Show until the 11th of July. If you would like to meet and discuss your big day and what we can offer please contact us to arrange a time to meet with you. You can check our three structured package options at

16/17 season, 36 couples, 2 international, 34 country wide, 5 choppers and 1 incredibly happy operator. Tickled pink we look back at the incredible, unique and unforgettable moments we have shared with so many amazing couples this season and we look forward to an equally successful season to come.

“The long and the short of it” Newlyweds Ursula and Mini

I love my job as a Wedding Photographer

A couple of years back I remember meeting the closest thing to a real life Mickey and Mini – A Christchurch Bar and a few too many fantas, I couldn’t help but be drawn into the unique display of admiration they had for one another as I watched in awe I dreamed of one day I may have the same!  Little did any of us know  back then id be shooting their special day.

Meet Mini (Stu) and Ursula, a perfect example of what love is and what love should be. A unique bond built on trust, honesty and a whole lot of shits and giggles. As a wedding photographer I had a field day being smack bang in the middle of this soiree capturing so many beautiful memories of these two and their dashing posse of chosen ones.

The nuptials were signed and sealed at the beautiful Langdales in Christchurch where we were privy to a stunning array of colors as the sunset left little to the imagination before cueing in what turned out to be “the party of the season”

Ursula and Mini, Dolce Wedding Photography were honored to be a part of what was such a magical day!


Canterbury Bride of the Year 2017

Dolce Wedding Photography is proud to be involved with this years Canterbury Bride of the Year!

We would like to invite all of our brides and posse’s from the past two years to dust off that dress, and strut your stuff on the 15th July at Addington Raceway to win a great range of amazing prizes and also to support a great Charity.

Canterbury Bride of The Year is extremely fortunate to have industry leaders supporting the event and supplying some wonderful prizes in support of the event and the ‘Bowel & Liver Trust’.

In support of the ‘Bowel & Liver Trust’ you will have the opportunity to purchase mystery envelopes at the event. Audience and entrants can purchase a $20 mystery envelope. All mystery envelopes will include prizes well in excess of their $20 value with some lucky recipients gaining envelopes of great value. All proceeds will go to the ‘Bowel & Liver Trust

Audience spot prizes will be given out over the course of the evening. These will be given out to the general audience and also to newly engaged couples. Watch our Facebook page as we detail prizes over the forth coming weeks.

The event has chosen the Bowel & Liver Trust as their chosen charity to support for 2017.

Our 2017 event will provide an opportunity for guests and the contestants at the event, to purchase mystery envelopes featuring sponsored items and vouchers for a fee of $20 with proceeds going to our chosen charity.

The value of the envelopes will all be in excess of $20 with some lucky recipients gaining envelopes of great value. We are accepting entries for Brides, Bridesmaids and Flower girls that were in wedding parties between 2015 and this current year, that would love to relive their wedding day memories showcasing their gowns to friends, family and other brides to be. You can enter by submitting your entry form to Event Professionals before 23rd June 2017.

All information can be downloaded from this age or visit

Competitor Entry Forms

Information for Entrants

Dolce Wedding Photography is sponsoring A Boudoir Shoot to one lucky lady for this event so make sure to enter and be in to win!