A Wedding like this belongs in a Movie.

He was her rock, and she was his Ruby ….Newlyweds Ciaran and Ruby

I don’t really believe in cliches but meeting these two it was love at first sight. With my wedding attendance history its my hope that every day rolls on out like that of a well rehearsed Oscar nomination. With many a run sheet and flow chart available, a back up plan for the back up plan and the bridal emergency kit on board I’d  “push play on this soiree!”

Off to the lads for kickoff and as the clouds rolled in like cumulus cotton candy I was smiling like a basket of chips. After all what could possibly rain on this parade apart from the rain….a flat right rear thats what! 

On inspection I concluded that I’d seen more life in a corpse than my third whee and I’d to be joining him ten foot under if I didn’t rectify this and fast. With no time to channel my inner Michelin I bought in the big guys and Coopers Tyres came through with a road side rescue and lightning fast pit stop proving that there is only one … and thats COOPERS TYRES.

Across town Ruby and her gal pals were none the wiser about my faux pas and were ready to make this day happen. In layers of lace and a smile on her face Ruby emerged in a show stopping Brides of Merivale ensemble and with umbrellas in hand this posse of perfection embraced the last moments together before our Miss Ruby became Mrs Blee

Langdales set the tone for these two cuties and with the usual suspects Tania Johnson Scott and DJ Dale on board it was time to celebrate their Wedding Day. Without out a doubt this partnership was tight as that of macaroni and cheese. The beautiful Ruby made it clear that if your man makes you feel safe… MARRY HIM! I however opted for If your man looks at you like that….WHERE DO I SIGN? The love and admiration they have for one another was crystal clear and even failing to understand a word of what Ciaran said the entire day It did not warrant a thought… WHY? because a picture paints a thousand words and we’ve left you some light reading with these gorgeous moments from their perfect day!

Dolce Wedding Photography was honored to be a part of it all and we wish you all the best for your future together.

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