How to survive the “Bridal Expo”

With This Ring Bridal Expo Want to win a wedding photography package for your special day ?? Come and have a chat at the “With This Ring” Bridal Expo! “Groom in Tow”… and off we go.  With a  jungle of vendors where do you start?? ,walls of carrot and chocolate delights, rows of face painting extraordinaires, the Photoshop masters, and of course the labyrinth of Satin and Lace. The first time you step into an bridal expo you can be overwhelmed.

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Winter Wonderland Shoot -Everyday I’m Shovelling

There’s no business like snow business…. Inspirational shoots, Styled shoots whatever you wish to call them, there is a great debate in the wedding photography world about the merits of doing one nowadays, personally I’ve never been into debating, its simply no fun because I’m always right, but as far as styled shoots go they had me at hello. WHY??  Well google LOVES new content and as a small business  keeping up with the latest trends and bringing unique content to our readers in an industry thats constantly evolving is crucial in maintaining our rank alongside fellow competition. We all know that

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The Show Must Go On -Dolce Wedding Photography

With This Ring Bridal Show – The Eleventh Hour Panic Dolce Wedding Photography participating in four of these affairs you’d think we’d have it down to a fine art but the sad thing being – we simply don’t. This time round we were incredibly lucky to still be on the Christmas Card list with Brides of Merivale and we accepted their generous invitation on joining their turf at With This Ring Bridal Show.

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