The Rise of the Engagement Shoot

The Engagement Shoot Sooo you just got engaged. Maybe still dropping hints. Or maybe you’re single as a Pringle. Regardless here you are reading my blog so maybe I just had you at hello who knows but what ever the reason your here thats good enough for me to be delighted in enlightening you about what many ask…What the hell is an engagement shoot.

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We’d like the RAW files…..that old chestnut..

Keeping lockdown light and my post recipe tight! Wedding Photography is without a doubt my biggest passion, I absolutely love my job, my clients and ofcourse the process in which I perform to give back the ultimate magical story of your special day. Upon reading this email that graces my inbox from time to time I try really hard not to be upset with my clients who ask instead assuming they didn’t really understand the full meaning of RAW. After informing me that Photoshop nor lightroom is not part of their lingo their request is becoming clearer in the fact they

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A Wedding like this belongs in a Movie.

He was her rock, and she was his Ruby ….Newlyweds Ciaran and Ruby I don’t really believe in cliches but meeting these two it was love at first sight. With my wedding attendance history its my hope that every day rolls on out like that of a well rehearsed Oscar nomination. With many a run sheet and flow chart available, a back up plan for the back up plan and the bridal emergency kit on board I’d  “push play on this soiree!”

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“Whisky in a Teacup”… Newlyweds Rob and Sarah

3 outta 3 aint bad! My love of country music is somewhat frowned upon by some and I find its usually those whom have not been privy to this incredible toe tapping, hat tipping genre that makes us city gals giddy.  The torn jeans, the seductive twang, the country boy manners that echo…yes ma’am…. Its fair to say when it comes to ticking those boxes in search for your perfect lad the answer is simple  “Save a horse and ride a cowboy” and thats exactly what this young las did… meet newlyweds Rob and Sarah.

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“It was a 50 shades of Gay Soiree”…. Newlyweds Josh and Mike

“One mans junk is another mans treasure”- Austinvilla Estate Wedding If you had of told me 29 years ago Id be in attendance at this particular wedding I would have assumed I was the one twirling down the isle in layers of tulle about to marry the man of my dreams….truth be told I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’d certainly like to think I had my finger on the pulse but at that age I more likely had my finger up my nose. It appears that Josh somewhere in between those adolescent years he realised that love is far

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Do that to me one Moore time – Newlyweds Nathan and Nicole

Good things come to those who wait… Dolce Wedding Photography For Dolce Wedding Photography it’s something we tend to keep to ourselves, the fact we’ve been praying all morning for a cloudy ambush of a fifty shade cumulous whilst singing a powerful grammy winning rendition of “Im only Happy when it Rains” may have been a  little inappropriate for the time and place…. you see every bride has a vision of how their perfect day will unfold, everything will go to plan, the groom will shed a tear as she floats down the isle in her layers of lace and tulle,

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Music up Tailgate Down -Newlyweds Cilla and Andy

“Word of Mouth” “I heard it through the grapevine” “verbal evidence” call it what you wish, but to me its undeniably the most powerful form of advertising. On this occasion gossip prevailed and again Dolce Wedding Photography was thrown into one of the most memorable days that ended up a favourite of the season. Over a hill and far away one couple, an entourage of their finest companions, 2 smooth rides and a dog called Maddox proved that sometimes the road of life can take unexpected turns and you have no choice but to follow it to end up in

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Mr and Mr Fabulous -Newlyweds Garth and Dan

In the 11th hour… Dolce Wedding Photography was handed the power….. I’m still not at that stage in my life where I’m ready to share everything I have with another human being, but i’ve been shooting for Dolce Wedding Photography for some time now and  I’m not at all shy in saying I have a pretty good handle on how this “I do” gig goes down

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Off Season? What off Season… Dolce Wedding Photography Christchurch

The few short weeks inbetween seasons…. Its easier to say sorry than to ask for permission… Quite frankly the greatest “get out of jail free card” known to man. For the last couple of weeks I have spent a large percentage of time “poking the bear” – Testing not only boundaries, and my ability as a photographer, but also delivering to the industries finest the opportunity to question my sanity but also engage in collaborating on an idea which is “something a little different “……. Unbelievably enough they did just that.

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Newlyweds Sam and Simon – Dolce Wedding Photography Christchurch

Meet the Marshalls and a Pug called Bug – When tapping in those three words “Wedding Photography Christchurch” or “Christchurch Wedding Photography” as a business you would hope to be making an appearance quite early in the piece…See in my line of work especially in Christchurch its a full-time 6 month gig which lies almost dormant over the winter seasons. If your anything like me scrolling anything past those first 2 pages and I’ve done my dash, believing word of mouth is and always will be the most powerful form of advertising and most successful in making those bookings.

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