Do that to me one Moore time – Newlyweds Nathan and Nicole

Good things come to those who wait… Dolce Wedding Photography

For Dolce Wedding Photography it’s something we tend to keep to ourselves, the fact we’ve been praying all morning for a cloudy ambush of a fifty shade cumulous whilst singing a powerful grammy winning rendition of “Im only Happy when it Rains” may have been a  little inappropriate for the time and place…. you see every bride has a vision of how their perfect day will unfold, everything will go to plan, the groom will shed a tear as she floats down the isle in her layers of lace and tulle, the I’do’s sealed with a kiss amid family and friends on a beautiful Summers afternoon.Never the less on a Friday a few weeks back we got lucky! our prayers were answered with a sky full of moody monochromes that rolled on in leaving us smiling like a a basket of chips.

Meet Nathan and Nicole, a couple you only thought existed in caricature form. Meet our latest newlyweds Mr Happy and his Little Miss Giggles. With a bridal party consisting of a 6 foot fish and identical twin sisters this one was no doubt a great way to kick off the 2018/2019 season.

Wee man Wyatt pushed play on the proceedings by wooing all the still single ladies in attendance whilst Little Miss Giggles showed us all exactly why Nathan was marrying this bundle of cuteness.  Through giggles, tears, tissues and Debbie Hawker at the helm promises were made, lips were locked, formalities were complete and we were good to go. With rain, sleet and hail on offer we had light money couldn’t buy and with Trents Vineyard never shy of kodak moments we made haste in capturing some “Awwww” “Cute” memories between showers and delivering these two back on time for the party to start.

The music for the evening was handed over to Brendan from Boogie Beats who needs no introducing in the wedding circuit. With this lad in charge the dance floor went off like a prom dress even wrangling the moon boot wearing Mother in Law up for some serious foot loose shape cutting antics.

As the day drew to a close and with time up our sleeve we hustled Mr and Mrs out for “one last shot” .A moment to stand in the rain and get rained on together as husband and wife. Dolce Wedding Photography was honoured to be a part of this spectacular soiree. Good things come to those who wait and it certainly delivered in creating so many special moments for us to capture. Words from Sophie, capturer at Dolce Wedding Photographer -If this is what LOVE looks like then sign me up – The picture perfect Nathan and Nicole.