Go Big or Go Home…..

Blue Steel Swag weds a Pocket Full of Dynamite – Dolce Wedding Photography

As a Wedding Photographer stepping onto the Air New Zealand flight I knew i’d have my work cut out for me with this one. It was clear to me these two had gone for the the “upsized” option when planning their nuptials and this was going to be on hell of a hum dinger affair with all the bells and whistles.

Go Big or Go home sprung to mind when I spotted the 70 something bottles of Moet, the 12 + two bridal party, the 3 choppers, the 100+ BFFS, the Malibu boats towed by the latest Rangeys…. yes everything was certainly on the GRAND scale of things, apart from one… our pint sized pocket rocket bride Renee….

Nestled against one of New Zealand’s most beautiful backdrops this “2 peas in a pod” duo dove head first into marital bliss surrounded by 100+ of their nearest and dearest who were privy to this special “not a moment to soon” Wedding Day.

After the official “everybody loves” family photos were were flying high in style and were dropped smack bang into a photographers paradise. After popping the Dom Perignon Renee and Harley gave us some of the most elegant examples of piggy backing we have seen, to to mention some of the longest lip locking in my entire Photographic Career.

Dolce Wedding Photography were truly blessed to be a part of such a exuberant soiree… and as an added bonus we must mention the fine fellas that are responsible for some of the best wedding videography i’ve seen…i’m even going to give them a plug right here…Check out https://www.shotoverweddingfilms.com if your looking for a wedding video that is worlds apart,  not to mention the free entertainment these two bring to the table. xo we wish you all the best for the adventures married life has in store, this one is for the history books xx