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“It was a 50 shades of Gay Soiree”…. Newlyweds Josh and Mike

“One mans junk is another mans treasure”- Austinvilla Estate Wedding

If you had of told me 29 years ago Id be in attendance at this particular wedding I would have assumed I was the one twirling down the isle in layers of tulle about to marry the man of my dreams….truth be told I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’d certainly like to think I had my finger on the pulse but at that age I more likely had my finger up my nose. It appears that Josh somewhere in between those adolescent years he realised that love is far too beautiful to be hidden in a closet and I just simply didn’t get the memo.

Booking an international wedding the day before two Christchurch weddings was really ambitious we know, but it was a wedding we were not prepared to give away.  Josh being the louder, prouder, pants wearing of the two is what can only described as a “tornado in a trailer park type” lad who’s top shelf taste in EVERYTHING could only be complimented by a guy like Mike who any more laid back he’d be lying down! Mike is without a doubt the voice of reason in this duo and has the patience of a saint which ultimately makes these two a match made in heaven.

Landing in Brisbane at sparrows fart on any normal day wouldn’t have happened PERIOD.. yet due to the fact that these two fine specimen are by far the creme de la creme of friends any girl could ask for we were happy to let it slide. With a quick visit to the absolutely fabulous Austinvilla Estate we soon realised that this was going to be one hell of a soiree, and that OTT and OMG were used more in the last two days than throughout my entire existence.

The ceremony overlooking a beautiful idyllic backdrop presenting a palette of warm hues that only enhance the beauty of the venue. From entering the gates we were taken back at what this location has to offer and what can only be described as a photographers dream. As the entourage of BROmaids floated into the ceremony in different hues of blue I couldn’t help but get a leaky eye as I saw my long time pal appear, top of the isle with taps turned on full, KLEENEX eat your heart out! All jokes aside this was the last time this dapper pair would strut together hand in hand before coming Husband and Husband. The ceremony is a walk in the park as I have no speaking roles what so ever, so I stick to pink panthering the isle and shooting those moments that make my job my passion. Moving forward to the traditional family photos which I know every guest loves as much as a good bout of hives I carried out in swift fashion as my light was quickly exiting stage left.  Fortunately for me I had a short list and a long drink to lend a hand and with the sun slowly disappearing I lead the boys away for some cutesy shots to get those gorgeous memories I’d only dreamed about.

I consider myself extremely lucky with this incredible pair, throughout the entire day I had the grin of that of a fat kid eating cake.  Coming in from across the ditch in fly in fly out fashion can be testing yet regardless of delayed flights, being ambushed by an army of fire ants and the temperature being  “wtf you said how hot!!”we feel that we captured the true dynamic of what their relationship is about. I’m confident in saying I would have happily pulled up a pew at the head table, raised my glass and felt like I was a part of this perfectly executed romantic 14 year courtship.

Josh and Mike from the bottom of our heart THANKYOU for flying us over to capture a day that was Absolutely Fabulous!