“The long and the short of it” Newlyweds Ursula and Mini

I love my job as a Wedding Photographer

A couple of years back I remember meeting the closest thing to a real life Mickey and Mini – A Christchurch Bar and a few too many fantas, I couldn’t help but be drawn into the unique display of admiration they had for one another as I watched in awe I dreamed of one day I may have the same!  Little did any of us know  back then id be shooting their special day.

Meet Mini (Stu) and Ursula, a perfect example of what love is and what love should be. A unique bond built on trust, honesty and a whole lot of shits and giggles. As a wedding photographer I had a field day being smack bang in the middle of this soiree capturing so many beautiful memories of these two and their dashing posse of chosen ones.

The nuptials were signed and sealed at the beautiful Langdales in Christchurch where we were privy to a stunning array of colors as the sunset left little to the imagination before cueing in what turned out to be “the party of the season”

Ursula and Mini, Dolce Wedding Photography were honored to be a part of what was such a magical day!