Mr and Mr Fabulous -Newlyweds Garth and Dan

In the 11th hour… Dolce Wedding Photography was handed the power…..

I’m still not at that stage in my life where I’m ready to share everything I have with another human being, but i’ve been shooting for Dolce Wedding Photography for some time now and  I’m not at all shy in saying I have a pretty good handle on how this “I do” gig goes down

The wedding planning flow charts start accumulating and are neatly placed inside your newly purchased “wedding planning diary you’ve now become a serial pinner on Pinterest, and Etsy, Aliexpress have climbed the ladder in your most used media platforms and now dominate 99% of your life. The countdown clock is a minute by minute reminder of how long you have till your ‘Big Day’ as you dive headfirst into the wicked and wonderful world of wedding vendor wars.

Typically the email enquiries start no less than 12 months before there yet to be confirmed wedding date. From there the coffee shop meeting and follow-up emails are followed by more follow-up emails and a final contract is signed and deposit paid all with a casual 12 months to spare. In this twelve months I get to know my clients, to understand the dynamics of the family, the token invites they sent in hope of a “return to sender”, the ever-changing guest list, the dominating mother in law, and that gypsophila will blow the wedding budget, by the time the day arrives I actually feel like part of the family. This is a crucial part and what I find the most helpful in capturing those special moments to all of my clients…

There is always an exception….Meet Garth and Dan, 2 guys  looking for a photographer 4 weeks out from their big day. I was rather humbled when emailed a month out for the first initial enquiry…..on receiving the email I promptly penned a response confirming my availability in documenting their day… Fast forward another week I finally receive their reply email…. not a confirmation BUT more of a YOU’VE MADE TOP FIVE.  From that moment I knew my reply would in fact be the make or break of this booking so a considerable amount of time was spent in the writing of what I believe awarded me the “booking accomplishment” of the season.

Better late than never they say, with just weeks until their big day I was booked! Flying from across the ditch I finally met these striking young gents 2 days before the wedding and quite frankly they had me at “Hello”.

Dan a pocket full of dynamite and Garth the one with the matches if you ever need a reason to believe “all you need is love” these two were it! From the get go, the limo ride, the ceremony, the untangling of helium balloons right through to the first dance my cheeks were begging a reprieve…Trent’s Vineyard again presented us backdrops to die for and we made complete use of their unique elements.

Dolce Wedding Photography would like to thank Garth and Dan for the opportunity to being a part of such a special day… And Australia for being behind the times in only this week saying “yes” to same sex marriages, if it wasn’t for this overdue decision I may have not had the opportunity to capture such a wonderful day!