Newlyweds Sam and Simon – Dolce Wedding Photography Christchurch

Meet the Marshalls and a Pug called Bug –

When tapping in those three words “Wedding Photography Christchurch” or “Christchurch Wedding Photography” as a business you would hope to be making an appearance quite early in the piece…See in my line of work especially in Christchurch its a full-time 6 month gig which lies almost dormant over the winter seasons. If your anything like me scrolling anything past those first 2 pages and I’ve done my dash, believing word of mouth is and always will be the most powerful form of advertising and most successful in making those bookings.

Meet Sam and Simon, a unique and candid couple who ironically did just that!

When their special day came around immediately on arrival I was delighted when greeted by what only can be described as a vivacious entourage compromising of “Major League Swag” meets “Alabama Mudflap” – these lads were a truly colorful mix of individuals, add to the party an extra six Sam and her “pretty as a picture” gal pal posse proved her tribe selection was rolling a strong game of “No Direction Required” when it came to nailing those “good sides” and last but not least the smallest member of the bridal team a pug called bug who was primary videographer with his own go pro in tow. 

I already knew most of these ladies from prior engagements and nuptials within their circle so I knew it was going to be a card full of solid winners once I signed off for the night. Moving forward The ceremony was held at the Christchurch venue Valley of Peace and gave us a beautiful  choice in backdrops for this ceremonial occasion even offering an old shed which to be fair fulfilled all of my expectations in wanting to create unique memories that would complement them as a couple and show off their fun and candid relationship they have with one another.

Throughout the day both teams delivered an outstanding array or teamwork resulting in a non stop, add free, “money can’t buy” omnibus of comedy/drama/ and reality TV that proves once again why I love being a wedding photographer. 

We would like to say a HUGE Thank You to Simon and Sam for not only letting us capture your special day but also in supplying outstanding first class entertainment from the get go.

Sophie McMillanDolce Wedding Photography