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Off Season? What off Season… Dolce Wedding Photography Christchurch

The few short weeks inbetween seasons….

Its easier to say sorry than to ask for permission… Quite frankly the greatest “get out of jail free card” known to man.

For the last couple of weeks I have spent a large percentage of time “poking the bear” – Testing not only boundaries, and my ability as a photographer, but also delivering to the industries finest the opportunity to question my sanity but also engage in collaborating on an idea which is “something a little different “……. Unbelievably enough they did just that.

With my posse of “Doers” we pushed play on the idea, from the below zero safety tours and the signing of waivers, the convoy of lace and a tonne load of favours we broke all the rules, threw tradition to the wind, which landed us the cover page of “With this Ring”
– Mark Sinclair now has a (knight hood) for his efforts..the Full issue can be found here.

I am truly so humbled to have had the help and support from Lisa Dermott (Brides of Merivale), Tania Johnson Scott Tania Johnson Scott Celebrant) , Lucy Hudson (Christchurch Weddings), Yazu Hair and the unwavering commitment of Catherine Francis whose incredible poise and determination amidst a human jig was truly inspiring….We know this new concept may not be for everyone so If you after a “classic” “timeless” style of shooting….A beautiful bride in a gown thats divine – you will find over on page number 9 of the latest issue.

Last but not least… I’ve heard it before….. I know I have an incredible camera! yet without one other major part of the plan, my incredibly talented right hand man this would have been impossible. The concept, design, production and finishing is a result from Rob Jacobs the talent behind www.racefab.co.nz. At a shy 30 hours from start to finish this is a testament to his creativity and support for not only myself but also proving he is probably just as unique and as special as me.

Below the process of making this bride fly..

Sophie McMillan