“Save a Horse and Ride a Cowboy” -Newlyweds Louise and Jimmy

“You and Tequila” and a glass of Sangria.

Its something I keep rather quiet as my credibility goes from hero to zero in a matter of seconds so Ive been told. My love of country music is somewhat frowned upon by some, usually those whom have not been privy to this incredible toe tapping, hat tipping genre. That seductive twang, the story of heart ache, the girl you met by the lake whilst peddling a big red tractor…now if that ain’t what dreams are made of I don’t know what is…..

With BIG wedding parties becoming the latest trend this cowboy cowgirl combo followed suit and maxed out on the deal leaving me having to do a double take…. “you said how many….???” I had to ask again as I may have heard it wrong…

With more BFFS you could throw a stick at we lost count at a bakers dozen and rolled with the term “The More the Merrier” as I was quickly made aware that this may just be one “I’ll never forget”

As a wedding photographer I love a challenge, I also love country so I was tickled pink to be thrown in the mix of hay bales and moo cows to capture this particular event. With a posse of pastels and a batallion of blues we had a color palette from heaven, throw in some cows, a corn field and 14 of the finest country bumpkins and I was happy as a pig in S%&t.

Louise and Jimmy I’d have to agree from what I was privy to yesterday you two are made for each other. Like bubbles to his bath or like soup to your spoon you are the perfect team and I thank you both for amazing time you and your wedding party put on for me yesterday! xoxo Nice work Team!