“How to Survive and Get Out Alive”

The Great New Zealand Bridal Show 101

Groom in Tow … very few grooms seem willing to brave the strange, occasionally terrifying world of Bridal Expos. With a  jungle of vendors where do you start?? , walls of carrot and chocolate delights, rows of facepainting extrordinaires, the photoshop masters, and of course the labyrinth of Satin and Lace. The first time you step into an expo, you can be overwhelmed. With so many photographers,  florists, MUA’s and DJs in the area you often don’t know exactly where to look, so you walk around, bewildered, while brides and their posses swarm around you.

EMBRACE IT….this is meant to be the fun part of your day, planning exactly how you want your wedding to unfold, we are here to help, so here are just a few wee tips….If you want to make the most of your time plan ahead which vendor types you want to get more information from. Check online and try to get a list going of vendors you definitely want to meet. If all else fails get really good at smiling and walking away, unfortunately there are vendors who will invade your personal space and take you captive for as long as they can before you are rescued by a well instructed MOH or HBT.. Regardless these wedding shows can help you make your final decisions while giving you a great new insight into making your day exactly what you dreamed of.

Dolce Wedding Photography is excited to be a part of the Great NZ Bridal Show on April 9th 2017 and would love  to talk to you about your special day, not only that here is your chance to make your wedding planning a whole lot easier by giving away a Standard Wedding Photography Package to one special couple.

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