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With This Ring Bridal Show – The Eleventh Hour Panic

Dolce Wedding Photography participating in four of these affairs you’d think we’d have it down to a fine art but the sad thing being – we simply don’t. This time round we were incredibly lucky to still be on the Christmas Card list with Brides of Merivale and we accepted their generous invitation on joining their turf at With This Ring Bridal Show.

Set up day was a buzz of wedding vendors all sporting a shade of high vis.  Tables and Tulle, Candles and Cake it was truly a real life pinterest, the venues and celebrants, the jewelers and florists there was no doubt everyone carrying a loot bag would walk away more confused than they were entering.

Lisa (Brides of Merivale) was already having intimate moments with her entourage  of mannequins, so without further a do I thought I’d better start on a bit of feng shui wall decorating…. Fast forward two hours and we’ve hit a road block – my  OCD hitting overload we found ourselves a rug short of a trade show and I was left with no option but to once again perform what I do best… An eleventh hour nationwide search of a much needed “Black Shag”

Covering some distance from suburb to suburb I was left with no other choice but to settle for a look alike to complete the stand collaboration!

Next morning 9.15am I enter the venue, dragging my beloved black shag like a winners trophy hoping for the thumbs up from Dermott. With minutes to spare we position the rug, straighten the smile and take a deep breath for the omnibus “I’m getting Married” for the next 5 hours.

With over 2000 through the door throughout the day we couldn’t help but feel nothing short of a hot mess. Bride after bride we shared our secrets in planning the perfect wedding….The perfect time to choose your dress to the worst time to choose your photographer the day was a great success, collaborating with “Brides of Merivale” was truly a privilege and an experience we hope to repeat. With this Ring Bridal Show was a 5*event and we couldn’t have asked for anything more.

The fact we managed to take out “The Best Stand” resulted in round of high fives with everyone involved in making this display what it was and for me the fuel to the fire in producing another unique, “out the box” image for next editions full page ad!