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The “Wedding Dress Conundrum”

Time and time again I’ve seen it happen, over and over I’ve heard the wedding dress horror stories, and dare I say it the hours and hours of editing to fix those popped buttons, the sheer waists, and the interesting shade of stucco.

Yes I’m not married, nor getting married but at least I know I”d look like a tool in tulle! Ladies I can not put into words the importance of seeing the professionals when choosing your wedding dress, lucky for me Lisa at Brides of Merivale has done exactly that!

For her and her team it’s not just a business transaction it’s a carefully managed process of making memories to deliver the most beautifully fitted, meticulously finished wedding dress of your dreams to wear on your Wedding Day. Every bride, regardless of budget should go and see her, have a chat and start the process of finding that dress without the stress of online gowns that are poorly made, cheaply manufactured that simply aren’t what you thought they’d be.

This is the one day you want to be perfect, go see the perfectionists at Brides of Merivale!!
Lisa Dermott from Brides of Merivale wrote…

“There is much talk recently about purchasing dresses on line. We thought we would share some of our vast experience on the topic.
Each year we receive dozens and dozens of calls from desperate brides who have either brought a gown online or purchased a dress from another store who does not follow through with in-house alterations (often sub contracting out to separate alteration businesses). Most brides are left with ill fitting dresses and are told that either the desired finished look cannot be achieved… or the cost will be expensive.This often takes what should have been a happy experience, and turns it into a very stressful one… at a time when you should be feeling excited about your big day.

The talk around town is that dresses from bridal stores start at $2000… and that much cheaper options can be brought from overseas factories at a fraction of the price. This is simply not true. At Brides of Merivale we have dozens of stunning gowns under $2000 and a range of gowns to purchase off the rack from $400 on sale.
When you hear of success stories of brides who purchased from on-line stores for $260+ believe us when we say there are 100 disaster stories for every 1 success story. We often hear of brides purchasing more than 1 online gown in the hope the next one will be better. This simply chips away at the brides already limited budget. Brides often find if the the gown can be brought to the point of ‘just wearable’… the cost to do this is often more than the cost of the original dress.

Lets just be blunt… the fabrics and laces used are cheap, they are full of static that sticks to you and this coupled with in appropriate lining layers often resulting in see through dresses, especially in back lit circumstances such as standing in-front of your guests at your ceremony with the sun behind you… or dancing at your reception in front of lights. The structure of the bodices is often inadequate causing wrinkles, pouches and general ill fitting garments. Details including laces and beading are often glued on causing major issues when altering including marks that cannot be removed and yellowing stains…. Oh and we must mention the gowns that come in too short!!!
In the last year we have seen photos of brides on their wedding day, in cheap imported dresses with buttons falling off at the ceremony, seams splitting, dresses that had to be hand stitched by a bridesmaid 1 hour before the ceremony… is that something you are willing to take a risk with?

So what is our advice? Quite simply… come in and talk to us about your desires and budget. We try our best to work with all walks of brides and their budgets and often create a brides desired look by altering a similar style to achieve your dream wedding dress.