Timing is Everything

My love hate relationship with GPS…as a Wedding Photographer

Somedays we are great together, but many we aren’t. Unfortunately the “close enough” pin point simply does not fly with me in my chosen profession as a wedding photographer yet on this occasion its lack of direction and accuracy proved to be a blessing.
As the sun started its decent became fully aware that playing our cards right may indeed give us quite the kodak moment. Craig and Sharon seemed happy enough for me to take the reigns and no time was wasted in taking full advantage of the situation at hand.


In the hour we spent on this Engagement Shoot we managed to capture some truly candid and romantic moments between these two. Like the soup to her spoon, or the bubbles to his bath there is no doubting what this duo is all about…..
As the sun started its decent almost on cue were given a light that money couldn’t buy! This sunset was definitely worth being late for and in return we were given the soft afternoon glow id be hoping for. I could obviously give all credit to my navigation failure for this perfect timing but I won’t, instead I’ll opt to use this…..

Timing is everything. If it’s meant to happen, it will.

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