“Trash the Dress” or “Rock that Frock!”

After floating straight into the world of maritial bliss it’s a dilemma that many brides face following their big day… In your closet hangs your fairytale gown. It’s layers of Lace and silk embodying your entire love story, your childhood dreams and those precious memories of the most special day….
It truly is a dilemma – and a question so often asked…..What do I do with my dress?

WELL – If “death till us part” and “together forever” are true, then our answer is simple….



The trashing of the wedding dress is supposed to symbolize the deep and lasting commitment of the marriage and says to the world, I won’t need this dress again, quite frankly we couldn’t agree more!

For this bride the only thing she loves more than her husband is the ocean. Born with Salt in her hair, sand between her toes and sun on her skin there was no question where we would take her beloved hand crafted gown to capture this momentous event…

This unique “Trash the Dress” shoot we took to a new level. Wedding dress and vale donned we set off for the beach… In traditional “Rock the Frock” style we captured our bride kicking at waves and rolling in sand until deciding to throw her in the deep end “literally”

Pushing the boundaries with a bride in a full length gown, we were quick to put our plan into action. Putting my faith in the NAUTICAM NA-5DMKIII to protect my beloved canon we spent 45 minutes diving the depths, chasing that magical shot….. Good things come to those who wait and we are very happy to show you the reason why every Bride needs to have a “Trash the Dress” Shoot.

So Brides to be or newly wifed – throw tradition into the wind (or waves). Don’t let your dress get dusty in the closet, give it life once more. We are here to show you how you can do something you love in the dress that you adore and immortalise it forever cementing those vows you said so freely to the man of your dreams.