Wedding Photographer Camera Review – Hasselblad H3d-39

Taking the Hasselblad H3d-39 for a spin

They say CHANGE is as good as a holiday, In this particular instance id have to agree.

As a wedding photographer recently being given the opportunity to test drive this fine piece of equipment this particular vacation I found very memorable to say the least.

As the average Jo you could be forgiven in thinking I was sporting an oversized 80’s camcorder, yet on closer inspection you would find in fact I had in tow a beautiful Hasselblad H3d-39. With an alluring first impression, I followed through, although a bit slow to boot, once aroused she greeted me with a spectacularly large, bright view finder and conveniently placed pistol grip for fantastic ergonomic hand holding. Simple exposure and aperture wheels placed at your thumb and index finger make driving her a dream! The easy to use menu is a delight in navigating with no manual required! Shooting at 39 megapixel an XXL CF card is recommended with a RAW image offering an incredible 50mb file size.


Pre engagement shoot I set out for a trial run, tripod in hand I let the camera do the work. Over an impressive “African style sunset” it’s clear that the Hasselblad excels at capturing the many soft tones of golden dusk light, perfect for Wedding Photography not to mention impressive detail in both highlights and shadows. Bypassing the option to make use of the “not so amazing” back screen I loaded the images up and was amazed at the incredible resolution. This camera truly delivers results, building excitement for our “second date”.

Unfortunately coming in at the 10K price tag I don’t see our love affair lasting, a beautiful piece of machinery, with images to match this camera is for those folk with cash to

With one date left, our time is nearly over, however I look forward to showing you what this little beauty is capable of…Stay tuned for Ross and Nellys engagement shoot!