“Whisky in a Teacup”… Newlyweds Rob and Sarah

3 outta 3 aint bad!

My love of country music is somewhat frowned upon by some and I find its usually those whom have not been privy to this incredible toe tapping, hat tipping genre that makes us city gals giddy.  The torn jeans, the seductive twang, the country boy manners that echo…yes ma’am…. Its fair to say when it comes to ticking those boxes in search for your perfect lad the answer is simple  “Save a horse and ride a cowboy” and thats exactly what this young las did… meet newlyweds Rob and Sarah.

No introductions required to this bunch of stunners, I’ve already got the T Shirt from the first two weddings of the Howlett clan, if the last two were anything to go by- buckle up its going to be one hell of a ride….this family certainly know how to partayyyy!

On arrival we had the incredible Chrystal O’Brien on the brushes as these straight shooting country girls left no stone unturned when bringing me up to speed in a NSFW manner on what had been happening in their lives of marital bliss since the last time we grouped.

Moving forward in stark contrast we reached the lads only to spend a good half hour in blackmail mode as I was quickly informed that “we don’t like photos” was the general consensus from this camp, team that with a 10 strong entourage and a bottle of Fireball Whiskey I could see the theme for today was quickly heading towards a …LETS GET LIT type feel.

The promises took place nestled between the trees out Southbridge ways where guests were privy to an intimate, short and sweet ceremony by the lovely Beth Dunn and with all the formalities complete it was a green light to turn the party up a notch. The crew pile in to their triple convoy of Kingswoods’ and away we go to capture love at its best, freezing moments, creating memories, and last but not least the compulsory fireball skull…”Tastes like heaven, Burns like hell….indeed prooving far to great for one little las who was noticeably absent from the second half of this soiree.

Speeches prove that these two are nothing short of a perfect pair with all who took the stage giving us a closer insight into how you simply “make it work” to live “happily ever after”… Sarah and Rob I’m honoured to have shared such a special day with you and be made to feel so welcome once again….Love your work kids! Another one not to be forgotten!

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